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State of the art

Your own private resort

Glacier Spas is a premier spa and hot tub company that offers a wide range of high-quality products designed to help you relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for a luxurious outdoor hot tub, a swim spa for exercise, or a compact indoor spa, Glacier Spas has something to suit every need and budget.

Their products are crafted using only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring durability and longevity. In addition, Glacier Spas offers exceptional customer service and support, with knowledgeable and friendly staff always available to answer any questions or concerns. With Glacier Spas, you can enjoy the benefits of a spa or hot tub year-round, in the privacy and convenience of your own home.


Heaters fail more often than any other spa component. This is because most spa heaters use a heating element submersed into the water, directly exposing it to the potential hazard of chemical imbalance or poor quality water. The Glacier heater uses the latest heating technology to maximize the efficiency and reliability for your peace of mind. The Glacier heater is sealed with the same protective Teflon-Titanium based coating used to seal commercial acid tanks. This patented coating prevents the build-up of minerals and shields against element corrosion.

Titanium heaters guarantee users consistent temperatures and nearly fail- proof operation. Titanium heating elements resist mineral build-up and corrosion, meaning virtually no spa downtime due to heater repairs.

High water velocity

Quick heat return



LUCITE™ acrylic

Use of only LUCITE™ acrylic – the top spa acrylic on the market.

Fibreglass Reinforced Shell
  • Double fiberglassed to ensure strength and durability.
  • Hand rolled process eliminates air pockets which can cause separation.
  • Regulatory Agency Compliance
  • EPA – air quality
  • ETL – listed product
  • ISO 9000 – striving toward certification
Strength and Support
  • Footwell strength important to spa life.
  • Recycled acrylic and resin added to bottom for superior support.
  • DynaCrete is leveled off with bottom of frame creating a perfectly flat bottom with no void. A void in the footwell can create a weak spot causing the sides of the spa to bow inward.
  • Process creates one of the heaviest & strongest spas in the industry.
  • 44% heavier than other competitors.
Wrap Around Full ABS Bottom
  • Keeps out unwanted pests.
  • Isolates frame bottom from moisture.
  • Glacier Spas Engineering.
  • Protects decks and surfaces.
  • Helps maintain inside heat.
Frame Constructed for Added Strength
  • Custom built for each model.
  • 50 year treatment.
  • Frame is bonded to shell.
  • Stress points bonded for support.
  • Complies with EPA’s new standards on treated wood.
  • No health risk from arsenic!
Super HI-FLOW Suction
  • VGB08 5” Super Hi Flo suction with vacuum break system.
  • Super Hi Flo is rated at 227 GPM.
  • VGB 2008 Compliant and UL tested.
  • Meets the requirements of ASME A112.19.8-2007.
Aqua-Glow LED Lighting System
  • The AquaGlowTM LED lighting further enriches your soak. Glacier Spas showcase transitional and adjustable LED lighting from the footwell to the topside control and everywhere in between.
  • The AquaGlowTM LED lighting package also includes backlit jets. The visual delight of water shooting through a beautiful spectrum of color adds unique charm to your spa atmosphere after dusk.
  • Long life with no added heat
  • Changes colors with numerous light show.
  • Vibrant solid colors
  • Illuminated jets
AquaKinetic Hydrotherapy System
  • Five things must be present at the same time in order to produce the ultimate in hydrotherapy.
    1. Pump system
    2. Plumbing system
    3. Diverter system
    4. Jet system
    5. H20​
  • Pumps, plumbing, diverters and the jets are referred to as the “HydroQuad”. Add in the fifth component, the H20, and you actually have a water “quinhedron.” The important thing to remember is: take any of these five things away, and you will not have hydrotherapy as it is meant to be!
AquaKinetic Pressure Point Massage
  • Exclusive jet design.
  • Adjustable, interchangeable jets allow you to customize the action.
  • Full range of control.
  • Largest jets in the industry!
    13-15 gallon per/min jets provide the best therapy in the industry.
  • Glacier uses more oversized jets than anyone else.
  • The oversized jets create a high volume, low-pressure feel to the user. This type of system allows the customer to stay in front of the jets longer, without getting agitated like they would from jets with smaller orifices.
  • Head to toe hydrotherapy.
  • Jet placement targets major muscle groups for fast pain and stress relief.
  • Each station (seat) is designed to achieve maximum hydrotherapy.
AquaKinetic Divertor
  • Adjust amount of air and water to each seat
  • Adjust waterfall flow
  • Conveniently located
  • User friendly instruction icons
  • Color coded zone control
State of the art manufacturing plant
  • Extra large hoses and oversized plumbing allow maximum water flow.
  • Manifold system and minimal 90 degree plumbing joints ensure consistent water flow throughout entire spa.
  • The combination ensures users a more effective jet massage than standard plumbing.
  • Sure Grip is just-that, the plumbing fits over the fitting. Due to the rings in the plumbing, the fitting actually becomes stronger when pressure is applied instead of weaker. Larger size plumbing allows for a high volume of water to go through to the jets at a softer and soothing pressure. We have added double protection for longer use of the spa, by gluing and clamping the ends.
State of the art manufacturing plant
  • The largest pumps in the industry.
  • Pumps are designed to work exclusively in the AquaKineticTM system.
  • A pump of this size has to have oversized plumbing along with an extensive amount of large orifice style jets to work effectively.
  • When unrestricted the GPM rating is 240.
  • The high amount of gallons per minute will ensure the user that they will have the maximum amount of pressure to achieve the highest amount of hydrotherapy.
  • The pumps have Viton® seals. Viton® seals are used in the aerospace industry as well as the automotive industry. They are used in these demanding industries because Viton® has been proven to hold up under harsh conditions.
  • The pump pad is a new addition to this year’s line-up; it eliminates up to 78% of noise and vibration.
    Universal design fits all pump systems.