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Why buy a Hot Tub?

Hot tubs offer several health benefits through the use of Hydrotherapy. The heat itself promotes circulation and speeds up the process of lactic acid from the body, while the buoyancy of the water lifts the effects of gravity and takes the pressure off joints for pain relief.

While most people associate hot tubs with fitness and recovery, research supports the benefits of hydrotherapy for many conditions, including:

  • Stress
  • Lower back pain
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Leg cramps
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

Even if you don’t have health issues, hot tub therapy can help with one thing that’s good for everyone: entertainment and family time. Learn more about how hot tub hydrotherapy can help with a wide variety of conditions, from arthritis to training.

Hot Tub for Sore Muscles

One of the greatest advantages of hot tub is that it helps greatly in alleviating sore muscles and decreasing feelings of anxiety through strong jets and warm water. Any individual who has ever experienced spending 15 to 30 minutes in a hot tub knows this. When you sit in a hot tub, water weight and warmth cooperate to decrease levels of stress and muscle strain.

Heat provides relief to sore muscles. Spending 15 to 30 minutes in the hot tub can essentially decrease muscle tension as your body will promptly begin warming up when you enter a hot tub. This builds the inside temperature that aides in improving blood stream which warms up your body and dilates veins which in turn lowers blood pressure and enhances the blood flow to muscle areas where it is most needed.

Buoyancy helps by giving a little help to sore muscles as there is significantly less weight on your muscles when you’re sitting in a hot tub because of the buoyancy of water. This is the reason that even a 20 min session in a hot tub gives sensational alleviation from muscle soreness.

The water weight from the jets in the hot tub helps in diminishing pressure and unwinding muscles as the air pockets and jet streams give a restorative back rub. Streams in the hot tub can focus around specific muscle zones and the weight in the jets helps in diminishing the knots in the muscles.


Hot Tub Therapy For Back Pain

Through various of studies, it is estimated that individuals spend billions of dollars on treatments to treat back pain. It is additionally the most widely recognized reason for disabilities claims and missed workdays. Various things, for example, threatening injuries, osteoporosis and other such things can prompt back agony. For treatment of back agony, specialists suggest ultrasound, prescriptions and addition exercise.

Cold and heat treatment remain the two most essential medications for back agony in addition to other things. While there are alternative methods to relieve pain are compelling, a hot tub gives a more successful approach to apply warmth to a major region of the body. The warm water in the hot tub relaxes the encompassing muscles and aides in decreasing muscle fits. High temp water likewise raised the interior body temperature which enlarges the veins and that helps in advancing healing in the harmed tissue.

Several of research have likewise that patients treated with spa treatment indicated substantially more change as far as agony reduction and mobility when compared with individuals who were treated with medication only.


Low Blood Pressure

The North American Sports Medicine Institute completed an examination to discover the relationship between hot water treatment and circulatory strain. The examination inferred that it might help in enhancing circulation and bringing down blood pressure. It is likewise recognized that usage of a hot tub can help in bringing down blood pressure however one should utilize hot water treatment with caution.


Relaxation And Sleep Aid

Hot tubs are extraordinary for helping you sleep better. Warm water reliefs muscles and gives help from reducing pressure. Numerous individuals utilize a hot tub as a guide to sleeping better. Research directed in 1997 showed that the body temperature normally lowers during night and it begins to lower around two hours before you sleep and bottoms out at 5 or 6 AM.

In order, to fall asleep faster you need too raise your body temperature before bed and the best way to do so is to use the Hot tub before sleeping.Thus, you should use a hot tub for around 20 min, two hours before you intend to rest to fully profit by a hot tub.


Arthritis Relief

It is evaluated that around millions of individuals experience the ill effects of endless chronic arthritis pain. While there are various cures that assistance in relieving the pain, hot and cool water treatment is viewed as the best treatments. Hot tub makes hot water treatment a pleasant and unwinding experience .

Hot tubs help by stimulating the blood flow in the body. The enlargement of blood vessels causes exposure of high temperature to the body, this helps in fortifying blood flow that prompts more oxygen to swollen regions and aides in decreasing muscle tension.


Weight Loss And Diabetes

Research conducted has demonstrated that utilizing hot tubs routinely helps in weight loss and additionally in reducing the presence of cellulite. This is possible because soaking in a hot tub recreates practice as hydrotherapy prompts widening of the veins that advances better blood course which prompts relaxing of skin and muscles. Hydrotherapy likewise brings down an individuals pulse and raises the heart rate which implies a hot tub might be more beneficial for your wellbeing.

Further research inducted that grown-ups experiencing type II diabetes could bring down their glucose levels, get thinner and enhance rest designs with the assistance of hot tub water treatment. Therefore, one should be careful as some diabetes sufferers additionally experience nerve damage and may unintentionally burn themselves in a hot tub.



A good quality hot tub gives a relaxing and calming hydrotherapy. Warm water joined with different back rub components as jets in a hot tub can help in decreasing feelings of anxiety and stress. Hydrotherapy has been known to help with achieving a decent night’s rest, restore strength and keep joints moving.

Hot tubs give quick relief to wounds by facilitating removal of lattice acid and by improving blood circulation.

Why is one Hot Tub more expensive than the other?


Despite the fact that you may pay somewhat more for an energy-efficient hot tub, your continuous energy expenses will be much lower, sparing you cash over the long haul. For several owners, the cost to run an energy effective hot tub is less than $20 a month.



A high quality hot tub works better and endures longer. A higher cost can mean a much longer life expectancy for your hot tub, longer warranty and better quality parts.


A less expensive hot tub does not have the ability, usefulness, energy-efficiency and accessibility that are built in a higher quality hot tub. Seating varies between models as well as comfort.



One price factor you can control is the size of your hot tub. Small hot tubs cost less to manufacture, store in the warehouse and transport than larger hot tubs, so they also cost less to buyers.

Important hot tub design features, even the placement of an armrest or the installation value of your tub that minimizes heat loss, add to the overall value of a hot tub.


The cost of your hot tub can differentiate depending on the hot tub accessories and additional features. For instance, a model with lighting and more jets is going to cost more than a model without those features. You can pick from several of spa-side accessories, such as spa steps, an umbrella or removable spa pillows at various price points. Wireless entertainment, advanced water management system, and a simple to-use remote control systems are other additional items that can increase the cost.

How much will my Hot Tub cost to operate?

Hot tub expenses can vary in terms of model, and utilization, but the average month to month electrical expenses range from $10 to $20. In addition, when you purchase a hot tub that contains high quality materials and the latest technology, you’ll save money on upkeep, repairs, and energy costs in the long haul.

Are Hot Tubs difficult to maintain?

Due to cutting edge water purification system and filtration systems, hot tub support is less demanding than at any other time—routine undertakings take only a couple of minutes. When we reviewed current proprietors about essential hot tub support, almost every one of them said it was simple! Here’s a fast rundown of how to keep up a hot tub:

Water: Check the PH levels weekly with test strips and alter them by including the suitable items per your owners manual. Drain and refills are required once a year.

Filter: Rinse and clean filters with a garden hose once every couple of weeks. Replace every year.

Cover: Use a cover to help keep your water warm and clean. It will shield your tub from debris and climate components.

When should you buy a Hot Tub?

There is no right or wrong time to buy a hot tub.  It all depends on when you are financially ready to make the purchase.  Installing a hot tub in the winter months may be more difficult to do based on the temperature and snow.


With longer days and warm climate coming up, its important to enjoy it. This is a perfect time to get ready for a hot tub. New models are introduced around this time, so you can be the first to see the most recent and most prominent features. In addition, you’ll have the time to get outside and plan your fantasy patio. All you require now is your ideal hot tub. 


Hot tubs frequently influence barbecuing and gatherings, and summer is an incredible time for both. When you purchase a hot tub, you’ll have no moment to spare and you will want to maximize the usage of your hot tub. You can even utilize your spa like a small pool: An unheated hot tub is awesome for a hot day and you do not need to do the extra work to maintain it. Take a summer tip from our website and visit our closest store near you. The sooner you get your hot tub set up, the sooner you can welcome loved ones over. 


As children return to class and holiday planning begins, it becomes critical to take time off and unwind. Introducing a spa in the fall implies you’ll appreciate a lot of “personal” time. Regardless of whether you’re putting in longer hours at work or helping the children with homework, you’ll have the capacity to venture into your new spa toward the finish of a difficult day. An after supper dip can help you get a decent night’s rest, as well.


Don’t stay inside in the winter—when temperature drops, it’s an extraordinary time to buy a hot tub. You can go outside and unwind in comfort. Regardless of your plans to go skiing this winter or making a New Years resolution to getting healthy, there’s nothing like the quality of hydromassage after an exercise. Furthermore, Glacier Spas Hot Tubs have control boards that can be customized to endure the cold climate and have  energy saving settings.

Anytime is the best time to purchase a hot tub. Visit your local Canadian Glacier Spas store for more detail. They’ll enable you to locate the correct model and options at the perfect price. 

Will I use my Hot Tub enough to justify owing it?

Industry research demonstrated that over 76% of owners utilize their hot tub no less than two times each week. Another review discovered 98% of Glacier Spas hot tub owners would refer buying one to their loved ones. Current owners will positively reveal to you it’s justified.

Are Hot Tubs difficult to install?

Installing a hot tub is not hard by any means. All you need is gravel and screening if you are placing it on the grass or it can easily placed on any deck and it has to meet any electrical requirements. Your Glacier Spas dealer will walk you through the procedure and assign you with a specialist to install your hot tub.

Here are a couple of things you can do to guarantee installation and setup goes easily: 

  1. Settle on the foundation that is going to support your hot tub.
  2. Pick the ideal area, and make sure to leave space for upkeep and servicing. 
  3. Keep our Pre-Installation Checklist for reference.
  4. Make sure there is a clear path to your backyard